Cheats for Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 for Wii


Awakened Hinata: 

Complete the first, second and third missions of Hinata and Neji, already having in your hands 50% or more of the missions completed with each of them.

Second State Sasuke:

Complete Sasuke’s first, second and third missions, while you have completed 50% of his missions.

Ultimate Nine Tailed Naruto:

Complete the first, second and third missions of Naruto, having in your hands 50% or more of his completed tft item cheat sheet.


If you complete Story Mode with a level 4 difficulty, you will unlock the last section in the Extras menu, which will allow you to view the cinematic scenes from Story Mode at any point in the game.


2P Survival: Get at least Jonin in 2P Time Attack mode.

2P Time Attack: Get at least Jonin in 2P Score Attack mode.


If you fight several times in the game, you will be able to unlock the characters detailed below. But this is not the only way to unlock characters: do not waste too much time with this system, unless you consider it necessary.

Characters Requirements
Anko Fight 250 battles
Awakened Hinata Fight 700 battles
Baki Fight 350 battles
Itachi Fight 400 battles
Kabuto Fight 500 battles
Kagura Fight 650 battles
Komachi Fight 90 battles
Kurenai Fight in 120 battles
Kyuubi Naruto Fight 750 battles
Orochimaru Fight 200 battles
Second State Sasuke Fight in 800 battles
To WA Fight 90 battles


Can unlock the voices of each character completing: the first battle against a rival , the two battles 2 vs 2 and combat 1 to 3


Kumite Mode: 

Get the best result in Score Attack mode.

Survival Mode: 

Arrive first in Time Attack mode.


Remember that in order to unlock the game characters by completing missions, you must overcome Story Mode on Difficulty 2 or higher.

Characters Requirements
Anko Complete 15% of Orochimaru’s missions
Assume Complete 30% of the combined missions of Ino, Shikanamaru and Choji
Baki Complete 30% of the combined missions of Gara, Temari and Kankuro
Side Complete 20% of Kabuto’s missions
Itachi Complete 30% of the combined missions of Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai
Kabuto Unlock all characters except Ultimate Nine Tailed Naruto, Second State Sasuke, Awakened Hinata, Bando, and Kagura.
Kagura Complete 30% of the combined missions of Kabuto, Bando and Tsunade
Kisame Complete 30% of the combined Guy, Asuma and Kurenai missions
Komachi Complete Story Mode on Difficulty 2 or higher
Kurenai Complete 30% of the combined Hinata, Kiba, and Shino missions
Orochimaru Complete 20% of Jiraiya and Tsunade’s combined missions
To WA Complete Story Mode on Difficulty 2 or higher
Yugao Complete 30% of the combined Baki, Komachi and Towa missions


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